1 serving

Ingredients: 100 grams of frozen acai (available at Ekoplaza, among others), 1 beetroot (raw, peeled and chopped), 1 (frozen) banana (sliced), 2 dates (pitted) and 2 tablespoons of almond yoghurt.

Topping: 3 slices of apple, ½ wild peach, 2 frozen raspberries (crumbled), ½ tablespoon of granola, grated coconut

Step 1

Put the frozen acai, banana, raw beetroot, dates together with the almond yoghurt in the blender. Turn on.

Step 2

Do you have a smooth smoothie? Then it's done. Sweet enough? Otherwise, add some dates.

Step 3

Pour your acai smoothie into your boho tiffin bowl.

Step 4

Finish your smoothie bowl with the above topping or let your own creativity sparkle.

Step 5

Do you take your boho tiffin on the road? Then place a piece of cling film on the dish and place the second dish or lid on top. Then it won't leak.