How it all 2015

Away with the cheese sandwich and in with oatmeal with fresh fruit, healthy salads and homemade snacks. Chantal says: “10 years ago was a turning point in my life.

I was done with energy dips and delved into nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. And yes, everyone is busy, just like me. Study, career, family and social life take a lot of time and energy. The solution? Prepare your food and be in control!"

Perfect, you might think, that pre-prepared lunch and healthy snacks, but every day at work you have to deal with tasteless and boring plastic containers. The world did not end, but attractive was different. That's why we started looking for a fashionable solution to take lunch and snacks with you. Chantal: "I conceived, searched and designed and voilà: the Boho-Tiffin was born! A traditional Indian lunch box in a distinctive jacket with a bohemian attitude that suits my way of life.

The tiffins (hand)made in India, made from durable stainless steel, are each provided with bohemian designs. Every tiffin is therefore unique.

Show off your Boho-Tiffin on the bike, on the train, at the office or in the park! Make it a party every morning to fill three stackable containers with a healthy lunch. 'You are never out of fresh food... or style!'.

How it stopped for a while… in 2022

After the most successful year, Chantal decided to stop Boho-Tiffin in January 2022. Chantal: “I followed my heart, the fire had gone out and the hard work of the past years had taken its toll. It would have been nice, I thought...

In the meantime, we had bought our dream house, so I could completely immerse myself in the mega renovation and the creative project of the total makeover. Then it started to itch again, because yes, 'it would be a shame not to do anything with it anymore'.”

We are back in 2024!

So excited to get back to work!! With new creative ideas, future collaborations with the coolest designers (can't wait for all the beautiful new designs) and a new supplier in India with even better quality tiffins.

All this out of love for the Boho-Tiffin and I really hope to share this love with you!!