16 servings


Soil: 75 grams of coconut flour, 10 grams of psyllium fiber, 120 ml of coconut oil (at room temperature) and 120 ml of water, a pinch of Himalayan salt and a few drops of liquid stevia vanilla.

Filling: 30 grams of dark chocolate (melt in a bain marie), 400 ml coconut milk (from a can), 60 ml coconut oil, 120 ml almond paste and a few drops of liquid stevia chocolate

Step 1

Make sure you have room in the freezer! Line your baking tin (23 cm) with baking paper and grease the edges.

Step 2

Place all ingredients in a large bowl and knead with your hands into a dough ball. Press this onto the bottom of your baking tin. Place the baking tin in the freezer so that it can set.

Step 3

Place all the ingredients for the filling in the food processor and blend into a smooth batter.

Step 4

Take your baking tin from the freezer and pour the filling onto the pie base. Spread it evenly and place the baking tin in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours. If you put it in the freezer, it will harden faster.

Step 5

If you want to eat a piece, take the cake out of the freezer 60 minutes in advance. Cut the cake into pieces with a knife that you rinse under hot water.

Step 6

Would you like to include a piece in your boho tiffin? No problem, but put it in the refrigerator. This is how you keep your cake the tastiest.