2 flatbreads

Ingredients: 150 grams (spelt) flour, 75-100 ml water, 2 cloves of garlic (pressed), salt and pepper to taste.

4 spring onions (cut into very thin rings)

Pumpkin hummus: 200 grams of pumpkin (cut into pieces and cook for about 15-20 minutes), 100 grams of chickpeas, ½-1 tbsp of white tahini, 1-2 cloves of garlic (pressed), 2 tbsp of chickpea liquid, 1 teaspoon of cumin powder, salt and pepper to taste. Place all ingredients in a high measuring cup or blender and puree until smooth hummus. Season further with salt and pepper if necessary. Let the hummus cool once you have pureed the pumpkin while it is warm.

Step 1

Place the spelled flour, crushed garlic, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix together.

Step 2

Add the water gradually and knead into a dough ball. Make sure the dough is not too wet. Better to dry and then add some water than the other way around.

Step 3

Dust the countertop with flour and form the dough into two equal balls. Roll out the balls into a flat circle. Divide the spring onion between the two flatbreads.

Step 4

Now roll up the flatbreads (as you would with a pancake). You now roll them up again, so that you get a rolled ball. Make a nice ball with your hands and roll it out again into a flat fleatbread.

Step 5

Grab a frying pan and put it on the stove.

Step 6

Bake your flatbread in the pan on both sides. Stay close to the pan, they can burn quickly.

Step 7

Cut the flatbread into, for example, 8 wedges and serve with homemade (pumpkin) hummus.

Step 8

Do you want to take your flatbread with you? Nice for a picnic! Then put the pieces of flatbread in your boho tiffin and the hummus can also be placed in your boho tiffin bowl. In the other bowl (if you have a tower of 3), add some cucumber slices or other raw vegetables for dipping!