Frutti di Mare

Sun-drenched, picturesque fishing villages, babbling boats on a pleasant boulevard with full terraces and fluttering parasols. Beautiful elegantly dressed people peering behind their sunglasses against the late evening sun.

They say Frutti di Mare in Italy, we also know Fruits de Mer, Mariscos, Seafood, delicious fish dishes, fresh from the sea, mmmmm. Wine and fish, the ultimate holiday combination! Enjoy life!

Our newest Boho-Tiffin, Frutti di Mare, reflects this cozy delight.
Do you also get that holiday feeling from this unique, fresh and stylish print? This design is perfect for a day on the boat, a picnic by the sea or by a beautiful lake, a nice lunch or drink on the beach.

Take it filled with healthy treats or snacks in your wicker (beach) bag, along with a bath towel and sunscreen and your day can't go wrong!

Maak je set compleet met jouw favoriete kleur Hanger! Deze krijg je van ons cadeau en is gemaakt van imitatieleer(vegan). We love to mix & match ♡
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Shipping & Returns

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you may want to receive! We deliver within 1-3 working days. You have
14 days reflection period


The Boho-Tiffin is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is fully recyclable, meaning it can be melted down and reused without reducing the quality of the material. All this makes stainless steel sustainable and environmentally friendly


Your Boho-Tiffin is dishwasher safe, but be careful not to place any sharp products next to it that could damage the print. could damage. Hand washing is also fine.-


Your Boho-Tiffin is not leak-proof, so it is better to take soup with you in a special leak-proof soup cup. But if you want to take yoghurt or cottage cheese with you, for example, you can do so, preferably keeping your Boho-Tiffin upright. If you have any doubts, you can always place some baking paper over your container, place another container on top and you're done!